What are Vector and Raster Graphics and when do I use them?

In the design world, there are 2 types of files- Vector graphics (ai, eps, pdf) and Raster graphics (jpg, png, tiff, bmp). Vector graphics are generated using mathematical and geometrical equations to represent shapes, letters, and numbers, but don’t worry about getting your calculator out, the math is all handled behind the scenes with computer magic. Vectors are great because they are able to be scaled from business card size all the way up to billboard-sized or more without losing any quality in the image. Vectors are the preferred format for logos and other brand graphics, due to their versatility.

The main that thing vectors aren’t, however, are photographs. Where a vector can be scaled without losing quality, I am sure we are all familiar with what happens to a medium or low-resolution photo when it is blown up. It becomes pixelated, or ‘blocky-looking’ and all around not great to look at, as you can see by many of the pictures on this page.

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The IDB Furniture & Signs Updated Website and Blog is Born!

Hello and welcome!
If you have visited our site before, you may notice quite a few changes this time around, including the brand new IDB Blog! We’ve been under the hood tuning up our web presence in order to provide a much more informative and updated online experience for our customers. If you haven’t been here before, welcome! Feel free to look around and see what we’re all about!

Either way, the purpose of this post is to highlight some of the new features of our site and to announce the beginning of the IDB Furniture & Signs blog. The mission of our blog is to crack open our noggins and spread some of our knowledge with our customers and the world. While we’re still working out some of the details, a few topics you can expect to see from us are:

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