Shopping for Success: Getting Your Signage Projects off the Ground

Information and communication are without a doubt two of the many keys to success. These 2 key elements are detrimental to the success of your new graphics or signage projects. You have a message to convey to your clients and to the world; having proper signage and a great design ensures that your message is effectively communicated to your intended audience.

The same reigns true for the design and development phase of signage and graphics. Having key information and photographs can make this part of the process much more fun, so we can get right on our way to crafting your new sign or signs. The type of information we will need from you will depend upon the project. In this post, we will go through some of our most common types of signs and talk about what information is needed and what type of photographs are most helpful with each type.

Getting Started

Before we explore the different types of signs, let’s go through the process of initiating your order. Once you have gotten in contact with us, either through our Contact page, by phone, or through social media, our project manager gathers all of that tasty information and any photographs or artwork and passes it along to our signage design team. They will develop the best solutions for your project, usually with 1-3 initial options. Next, we draw up renderings so that we share what we’re envisioning for your project. As you can tell, it is important to determine your needs and any current issues you are looking to overcome up-front so that we can craft the best solution possible.

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